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Today, you will find a lot of websites that offer custom challenge coins. But do you know what these coins are? Or how people use them? If not, is here to enlighten you with some basic insights that you need to know. Fundamentally, challenge coins (also known as military coins) are medallions or small coins on which an insignia of an organization is engraved. The coin is usually carried by a member of the association for which it was made for.

Whether the carrier is involved in a special club, fraternity, college, fire department, police department, or any agency in the world, challenge coins are common. Generally, it’s awarded to a member after performing well for his organization. In military units, the coins are given to boost morale and loyalty. You have to accept it once someone offers you a coin because it’s a symbol of honor. And receiving it is a responsibility that you need to keep in mind. This is because there are rules to follow once you bear a coin in your uniform pocket. Check out if you want to order challenge coins at more affordable rates.

Both service men and women can collect as many coins as they want. However, respect for the insignia engraved in the coin is important. You don’t simply find a challenge coin in the street so you have to honor it by carrying the coin at all times if you are an active member of the organization. Not all people get the chance to carry a coin in their hands so you must be lucky to acquire one. This only shows recognition based on a special accomplishment. And with the stories about the history of challenge coins, you will surely be inspired to get one if you still don’t have any.

Origin of Military Coins

custom military coinsThe first challenge coins were distributed by a wealthy lieutenant from the US Army Air Corps. Obviously, it wasn’t utilized as currency but as an award for outstanding members, especially those who fought during the First World War. With a bronze medallion, the members of the airborne squadron received their coins with the emblem of Army Air Corps. So when they were sent to the battlefield, everyone carried their organization’s name for identity purposes. As fate would have it though, a young pilot crashed his plane and fell on the enemy’s territory.

Although the aircrafts used by the flying squadrons were operated mostly by rural men and those from the working class, the lieutenant is among the exception. He spent his money to buy bronze medallions and gave them to the pilots as mementos for their dedicated services. The first coins were valuable because they were plated with gold. And going back to the story, the young pilot was captured but before he was brought to the execution room, he presented his medallion to the executioner. After seeing the Army Air Corps insignia, the pilot’s life was saved from death.


The Coin Challenge

If you don’t want to buy drinks, make sure to bring your coin at all times. This is because of the coin challenge rules wherein the punishment for not being able to present a coin is to buy drinks for the challenger and the member involved. But if you are able to present a coin, the challenger will be in charge of the drinks. Either way, it’s a fun experience because you get to interact with other coin bearers. You can check out to know more about challenge coins.

For an overview of the rules, see the following to help you understand the nature of the challenge:

  • A member of the organization exposes his coin to state a coin check.
  • Other members should present their coins.
  • The member who is not able to present his coin should buy the group their drinks.
  • But if all the members in the club are able to present their coins, the challenger is the one who is in-charge of the drinks.
  • In case someone refuses to buy drinks, he should turn in the coin.


How to Buy Custom Challenge Coins from

Buying challenge coins online is actually easy. All you need to do is present the design and inform the company regarding the quantity to be made. In case you don’t have a design, you can ask them to create one for you based on your suggestions. After the order is processed, you can expect your coins to arrive at your doorsteps according to the agreed turnaround time.



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