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The Revamped Big Bertha Driver From Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf introduces the new and improved Big Bertha that is aimed at a broader range of golfers. If you want a driver that can be tailored fit to deliver the ideal combination of forgiveness and distance, the newest version of the Big Bertha is perfect for you. It now comes in a more sophisticated look and classic shape, with a larger front-to-back dimension and a shallower face.


The new driver has a variety of settings and some have the ability to cancel out each other. As such, it may take some time to find your prime. The engineers gave each part of construction a lot of thought and the end result is a longer, forgiving driver that is surely a big hit.


The Big Bertha driver is available in various weights including 325g, 315g, 305g, and 295g. It has a longer stock shaft (45.5 inches) that can limit face control for some players. It also has an OptiFit hosel, composite crown, Hyper-Speed face and an Adjustable Perimeter Weighting (APW) feature that increases MOI and changes the draw and fade bias.

Advanced Adjustable Hosel

Big Bertha allows golfers to freely adjust the loft/lie angle so as to convert the additional ball speed into greater distance. Players can choose from 4 lofts (ranging from -1 up to +2) to optimize backspin and launch angle, and from 2 lies (indicated by N for Neutral and D for Draw) to optimize directional bias. In combination, these new features offer 8 unique combinations and each can help players improve their dispersion and distance.

The propriety technology of Callaway Golf when it comes to hosel design makes way to the development of the advanced, adjustable hosel that allows modifications in loft or lie without the need to rotate the graphics and shaft on their axis.

Forged Composite

The crown of the new Big Bertha is made of lightweight, high-strength composite material and serves as Callaway’s major competitive advantage. This attribute allows Callaway to provide multiple modes of adjust ability whilst keeping the weight of the head below 200g and of the swing at D2. This ultimately results in an incredibly easy swing.

Hyper-Speed Face

The Hyper-Speed Face technology uses an optimization code that is based on large volumes of impact info to help establish the face’s thickness profile. This leads to an extremely robust and lightweight face that helps increase ball speed when situations call for it. Big Bertha from Callaway Golf is truly the most dependable driver around.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

This feature allows players to accurately locate an 8-gram sliding weight on a 5-inch track. This helps improve control dispersion and shot shape. The APW placement along the head’s perimeter is crucial in giving the Big Bertha driver its increased MOI, which aids in maintaining ball speed and precision on off-center hits. This is a vital component of a Total Performance Driver.

On Being a Total Performance Driver

The Big Bertha is touted as Callaway’s Total Performance Driver, thus is suitable for a wider range of golfers. Total Performance means that the driver has high moments of inertia and a keen face to maximize distance on off-center hits. It has the forgiveness that most beginners need and the adjust ability that offers advanced golfers more control.


Callaway Golf drivers constructed for this series put an incredible emphasis on performance and forgiveness while providing an advanced adjust ability that helps optimize shot shape and trajectory. All of these give way for more possibilities on the green, which everyone should be excited about.

What the Reviews Have to Say

Since the new Big Bertha was introduced, numerous reviews have come out and virtually all of them have nothing to say but praises. Its key features—distance, accuracy, forgiveness, feel, appearance, and play ability—all fall under the list of advantages almost none under disadvantages.

In a word, Big Bertha of Callaway Golf is one of the highest rated drivers that ever came into existence. It flies straight out and hits the ball right where it is. And, no one needs to have an engineering degree to set the pre-flight instructions. It is incredibly simple and just about any golfer can put it into work.

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