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How to Choose the Best Makers of Custom Patches

We always see the embroidered patch wherever we go. We commonly see this in clothing or fabric materials like shorts, pants and bags. Typically, an embroidered patch is attached to a school or office uniform. This way is to show the logo of the school or company.  Through using a patch, we are able to show that we belong to a certain group. It is either we are a student of a particular university, an employee of a certain company, or even a member of an organization.

The embroidered patch is a key identification tool for military and other uniformed personnel, wherein it was traced centuries ago to early cultures throughout the Mediterranean and South America. People across the Asian region used it for centuries as well. Basically, the embroidered patch is where the art of decorating fabric with thread stitching originated.

Do you know that the patches maybe customized?

The client who wants a customized patch have the choice about the design, style, or anything related to the making of it. The physical appearance that the product will have shall all be based on the desires of the client.


Patches are traditionally sewn on the cloth or fabric.But, as time went by, many people have discovered more ways of attaching the embroidered patch in the garment. There is so-called iron on patch which needs heat to be properly attached. The adhesive material at the back of the patch needs to be heated. Then, it can now be attached into the cloth. There is also called the Velcro backing. If you want an easy interchangeable different design of the patch, this one is right for you. Another type of embroidered patch is the button loop. It is designed to hang in a button or lapel pin.

Patches4Less can help you in all matters about embroidered patch-

Our products are with high quality that comes with an affordable price. You can choose a lot of backing options in our products. We also provide discounts for those who have bulk orders. We guarantee our clients that the products and services we can provide will last for a lifetime.

Patches have varying colors. It is your choice on what colors you want to put in the patch. You can search on the Internet about the exact color combinations. This is to help you on making a basis in picking the correct shading and tone. You can make your own design, or maybe, the company may do it for you. Just let them know about your suggestions.

Patches4Less is one of the makers of patches that offer a lot of thread colors. We offer our clients the best and high-quality threads with varying color tones. We have a metallic color to make your embroidered patch more flashy and attractive. Meanwhile, if you do not prefer this style, you can choose from our hundreds of thread colors. We offer a free of charge for the first seven colors you will pick. But there is an additional fee for picking more than seven colors.

The most common shape of the embroidered patch is round. But, nowadays, more shapes and patch borders are being developed. The merrow type is generally considered among the most unique borders. It is typically seen in round-shaped patches. However, for designs that are not round (or at least somewhat rounded in shape), you may choose the hot cut edge. It is a type of border that has more detailed, finer and sharper edges.

As you might already know, we  offer these kinds of embroidered patch borders. If you are interested about our products and services, you may contact us through our website. It’s also possible to get in touch with us through the usual social media pages. Aside from the affordable price we offer, the quality of our embroidered patch is what makes us popular.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, and if you want to show that you belong to a certain group, you must look for a company that can answer all of your concerns about the custom embroidered patch with pure enthusiasm and with extensive knowledge – well, in other words, you really need Patches4Less.


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