How to Find Your Ideal Article Writer in a Haystack

Written on July 23, 2016   By   in Article writing

The arrival of the World Wide Web generated another money making venture for writing enthusiasts. Hence, the birth of the online article writer whose job is to create effective online content.

Writing for the web requires significant proficiency of written English communication. However, it does not end there as an article writer should also know how to implement SEO techniques. The perfect blend of these skills will, to a certain extent, help generate qualified traffic to a website.

Where to Find Article Writers

Skilled articleIf you are one of the few who can write, then consider yourself lucky. You have the uncanny ability to create your own content. Unfortunately writing does not come easy for others so it is necessary to hire article writers for the task.More often than not, you can find an article writer looking for work through any of the online job portals. Typically, they advertise their skills in the hopes of securing a job, freelance or permanent.

In most cases, the job ad would include samples of their writing as a way to promote their skills. This is an advantage for you as an employer as you can easily screen potential candidates on the spot.

Once you have sifted through the lot and found a couple of interesting candidates, the real test begins. It is likely that you want an article writer who can work with you for the long term. This is the best time to sort out the best from the rest.

Sifting Through the Sea Of Article Writers

Admittedly, anyone can put pen to paper. Many have undoubtedly written thousands of essays all throughout their academic life.  But, writing for the web means playing by a different set of rules.

Structurally speaking, a 500-word article intended for the web should catch the reader’s attention in less than a minute. This does not offer much room for fancy writing.

The nature of most online readers is fickle to say the least. If you cannot capture their attention in a few seconds of skimming, then you can kiss them goodbye forever.

Sifting through the sea of article writers can turn into a cat and mouse game if you are not careful. It is best to keep the following criteria in mind as you evaluate potential candidates.

  • Connects the dots

The theory behind the childhood game of connect the dots relates quite well to writing. In essence, the dots are pieces of information that when sewn together weaves an interesting story. Skilled article writers who possess this ability are worth having on your team.

  • Clearly express their thoughts into writing

A topic can give rise to countless ideas that using the right words to express a unified thought becomes challenging. A skilled writer is able to express their thoughts clearly in writing. The outcome is a carefully considered and planned article that holds the attention of a reader.

  • Attention to detail

A writer who is attentive to details can provide your readers with more answers than questions. In doing so, you can expect qualified traffic who can expect solutions provided by your content.

  • Vivid imagination

Too much details can be boring and will likely distance readers from your website. An article writer who possesses a vivid imagination has the ability to inject a fresh perspective to any topic. In doing so, they are able to engage the imagination of readers as well.

  • Discipline

Given the nature of their profession, a number of article writers may test your patience as an employer. Since most work on a freelance basis, reliability with regards to submitting on time is not guaranteed. Hence, when hiring article writers it is best to set some ground rule with regards to punctuality.

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