PCB Fabrication and Soldering

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PCB fabrication does not stop with the etching of the pattern, or the circui. For the PCB to fully function and do things such as compute numbers, receive inputs, display images, and store data, components such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits, LEDs (light emitting diodes), and switches must be mounted and connected together via soldering.

PCB FabricationSoldering glues the components and the copper foil together with a stick of lead that is heated with a soldering iron. Careful soldering must be done to prevent damage to the conductive foil and render the entire PCB inoperative. Skilled hands, therefore, play an important part in the successful soldering. These skilled hands are also important in PCB fabrication, since a specific and intricate pattern must be created with closely-followed procedures.

Small-scale or homebrew soldering is done with a 30- to 40-watt soldering iron-

which is available in hardware stores. For industrial-scale soldering, higher-wattage irons are used. Soldering irons come in various tips and are made with copper coated with iron or tin. Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, while iron and tin are hardeners that make the tip last longer. To ensure a stable heat transfer, clean the tip regularly. If the tip is full of dirt and oxidation, replace it with a new one.

Soldering errors can be corrected without replacing the entire PCB and redoing the PCB fabrication process again. The correction is done with a disordered, which is a special tool that either sucks the molten lead like a vacuum cleaner or blows it away from the PCB.

Another important tool in soldering a PCB is the soldering aid. It is a bladed, pointed, and double-ended stick that serves many purposes: to remove excess solder from soldered joints, to get rid of insulation around the terminal that will be soldered, to separate soldered joints that were joined by accident, and to act as a heat sink for the component’s terminals during the soldering process.

The solder is the adhesive for the components’ terminals and the conductive copper and is usually made of an alloy that is composed of 60% tin and 40% lead. Inside the alloy is a semi-liquid flux which disintegrates the oxide and helps the alloy bind to the metals of the terminals and the foil.

One step that is done between the PCB fabrication process and the soldering of components is the drilling of holes into the finished PCB. These holes, where the components’ terminals will be inserted to, are called donuts. These terminals can be interchanged with the terms leads and wires.

Drilling the donuts can be done manually for home brew PCBs by using a drill-

a vertical drill stand, and small drill bits. Automatic drilling, which involves programming a drilling

pattern, is done by PCB manufacturers and is therefore more expensive. Before the actual soldering, one must ensure proper and consistent clearance when installing the components into the board. Installation is done by inserting the components’ terminals into the PCB’s donuts.

To start soldering, the person performing the soldering must heat both the lead and the donut evenly for 3 to 5 seconds and then apply the solder to the meeting point of the two, which is located underneath the board, until the solder flows to the foil. Overheating is unacceptable. Otherwise, the foil might be damaged. The performer then removes the iron once enough solder has been applied, and the solder is left to cool down.

Once all the components have been soldered, the excess terminal wires are cut off. Finally, the soldered PCB must be checked for cold solder, or short circuits caused by the solder overflow. is one of the most reliable source for high quality and on time PCB. If you want to buy, visit our website and contact to us.



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The Ultimate Guide when Buying Custom Military Coins from

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Today, you will find a lot of websites that offer custom challenge coins. But do you know what these coins are? Or how people use them? If not, is here to enlighten you with some basic insights that you need to know. Fundamentally, challenge coins (also known as military coins) are medallions or small coins on which an insignia of an organization is engraved. The coin is usually carried by a member of the association for which it was made for.

Whether the carrier is involved in a special club, fraternity, college, fire department, police department, or any agency in the world, challenge coins are common. Generally, it’s awarded to a member after performing well for his organization. In military units, the coins are given to boost morale and loyalty. You have to accept it once someone offers you a coin because it’s a symbol of honor. And receiving it is a responsibility that you need to keep in mind. This is because there are rules to follow once you bear a coin in your uniform pocket. Check out if you want to order challenge coins at more affordable rates.

Both service men and women can collect as many coins as they want. However, respect for the insignia engraved in the coin is important. You don’t simply find a challenge coin in the street so you have to honor it by carrying the coin at all times if you are an active member of the organization. Not all people get the chance to carry a coin in their hands so you must be lucky to acquire one. This only shows recognition based on a special accomplishment. And with the stories about the history of challenge coins, you will surely be inspired to get one if you still don’t have any.

Origin of Military Coins

custom military coinsThe first challenge coins were distributed by a wealthy lieutenant from the US Army Air Corps. Obviously, it wasn’t utilized as currency but as an award for outstanding members, especially those who fought during the First World War. With a bronze medallion, the members of the airborne squadron received their coins with the emblem of Army Air Corps. So when they were sent to the battlefield, everyone carried their organization’s name for identity purposes. As fate would have it though, a young pilot crashed his plane and fell on the enemy’s territory.

Although the aircrafts used by the flying squadrons were operated mostly by rural men and those from the working class, the lieutenant is among the exception. He spent his money to buy bronze medallions and gave them to the pilots as mementos for their dedicated services. The first coins were valuable because they were plated with gold. And going back to the story, the young pilot was captured but before he was brought to the execution room, he presented his medallion to the executioner. After seeing the Army Air Corps insignia, the pilot’s life was saved from death.


The Coin Challenge

If you don’t want to buy drinks, make sure to bring your coin at all times. This is because of the coin challenge rules wherein the punishment for not being able to present a coin is to buy drinks for the challenger and the member involved. But if you are able to present a coin, the challenger will be in charge of the drinks. Either way, it’s a fun experience because you get to interact with other coin bearers. You can check out to know more about challenge coins.

For an overview of the rules, see the following to help you understand the nature of the challenge:

  • A member of the organization exposes his coin to state a coin check.
  • Other members should present their coins.
  • The member who is not able to present his coin should buy the group their drinks.
  • But if all the members in the club are able to present their coins, the challenger is the one who is in-charge of the drinks.
  • In case someone refuses to buy drinks, he should turn in the coin.


How to Buy Custom Challenge Coins from

Buying challenge coins online is actually easy. All you need to do is present the design and inform the company regarding the quantity to be made. In case you don’t have a design, you can ask them to create one for you based on your suggestions. After the order is processed, you can expect your coins to arrive at your doorsteps according to the agreed turnaround time.



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How Storage Containers Can Help Your School

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Summer break may be a fun time for the students, but for school administrators, summer break is that time in the year when they can put in extra work to prepare for the incoming school year. This is usually the time when a lot of construction projects are undertaken by school administrators for new facilities for the school year.  During this time, there are no kids running around the school.  However, there are still the furniture and learning materials that have to be secured during school renovations and construction projects.  Plus, the teachers who are working also need a space to do their prep work even when the construction work is ongoing.  A good solution to this is to make use of storage containers. can provide you with storage containers to give you ample space to store school furniture, equipment, and supplies as well as to temporarily house the teaching and admin staff as they go about their summer tasks.  These containers are durable, secure, practical and affordable.  As such, they are secure places to store important school materials such as computers, supplies, desks, equipment, and other important school materials.

storage container

With storage containers, the teachers’ and admin staff’s work spaces need not look or feel too “makeshift.”  The containers can be customized to provide a convenient and comfortable work environment for them.  Since they can install everything they need as in a real office, they can have everything they need to do their work right in one place.

Schools also have the option to purchase these containers and make use of them even after the summer construction projects are finished.  There are plenty of other uses that they can find for these containers.  Here are some of them:

Equipment Storage –

These containers can be used to store PE equipment, theatre props and costumes, seasonal school supplies and materials, and other miscellaneous items.  Since the containers are made of durable materials, the school administrators need not worry about the items being damaged.  They can also withstand the foot traffic coming from students and teachers going in and out of the containers to get and return items.

Additional Classrooms –

The great thing about customizable storage containers is that you can turn them into other functional areas other than just for storage.  To turn these containers into classrooms, add some windows, wire them for lighting and electrical needs, and install ventilation and temperature control.

Art Room or Workshop –

There might be classes in school where the students might want to get away from the conventional classroom setting.  Perhaps having a container set up like an art room or a workshop can give them the inspiration they need to get more creative and productive.


Staff Room or Teachers’ Lounge –

You might have space issues, but that does not mean that your teaching and admin staff cannot have a place to take a breather during the day.  The storage container can be fitted with the necessary amenities that will provide a comfortable space for the school’s staff to relax even for just a few minutes before they go back to their classroom or work place.
There are many more creative ideas that you can think of to use storage containers.  Customizing these containers for your use will give you a more economical and practical option when you have space and storage issues in your school.  It would be a good idea to explore your options by consulting with the professionals at  We have staff who are ready and willing to give you the information and advice that you need in order to provide the kind of learning and working environment for the students, teachers, and admin staff in your school.
We have been in the business for a number of years and have already had experience with various customization work.  Whether it’s just storage you need or more innovative space solutions, you can count on us to give you exactly what you need while staying within your budget. can provide you rental or purchase service for storage containers. If you are looking for storage containers, so Moveablecontainer one of the best service providers.

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How to Choose the Best Makers of Custom Patches

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We always see the embroidered patch wherever we go. We commonly see this in clothing or fabric materials like shorts, pants and bags. Typically, an embroidered patch is attached to a school or office uniform. This way is to show the logo of the school or company.  Through using a patch, we are able to show that we belong to a certain group. It is either we are a student of a particular university, an employee of a certain company, or even a member of an organization.

The embroidered patch is a key identification tool for military and other uniformed personnel, wherein it was traced centuries ago to early cultures throughout the Mediterranean and South America. People across the Asian region used it for centuries as well. Basically, the embroidered patch is where the art of decorating fabric with thread stitching originated.

Do you know that the patches maybe customized?

The client who wants a customized patch have the choice about the design, style, or anything related to the making of it. The physical appearance that the product will have shall all be based on the desires of the client.


Patches are traditionally sewn on the cloth or fabric.But, as time went by, many people have discovered more ways of attaching the embroidered patch in the garment. There is so-called iron on patch which needs heat to be properly attached. The adhesive material at the back of the patch needs to be heated. Then, it can now be attached into the cloth. There is also called the Velcro backing. If you want an easy interchangeable different design of the patch, this one is right for you. Another type of embroidered patch is the button loop. It is designed to hang in a button or lapel pin.

Patches4Less can help you in all matters about embroidered patch-

Our products are with high quality that comes with an affordable price. You can choose a lot of backing options in our products. We also provide discounts for those who have bulk orders. We guarantee our clients that the products and services we can provide will last for a lifetime.

Patches have varying colors. It is your choice on what colors you want to put in the patch. You can search on the Internet about the exact color combinations. This is to help you on making a basis in picking the correct shading and tone. You can make your own design, or maybe, the company may do it for you. Just let them know about your suggestions.

Patches4Less is one of the makers of patches that offer a lot of thread colors. We offer our clients the best and high-quality threads with varying color tones. We have a metallic color to make your embroidered patch more flashy and attractive. Meanwhile, if you do not prefer this style, you can choose from our hundreds of thread colors. We offer a free of charge for the first seven colors you will pick. But there is an additional fee for picking more than seven colors.

The most common shape of the embroidered patch is round. But, nowadays, more shapes and patch borders are being developed. The merrow type is generally considered among the most unique borders. It is typically seen in round-shaped patches. However, for designs that are not round (or at least somewhat rounded in shape), you may choose the hot cut edge. It is a type of border that has more detailed, finer and sharper edges.

As you might already know, we  offer these kinds of embroidered patch borders. If you are interested about our products and services, you may contact us through our website. It’s also possible to get in touch with us through the usual social media pages. Aside from the affordable price we offer, the quality of our embroidered patch is what makes us popular.

If you want to stand out in the crowd, and if you want to show that you belong to a certain group, you must look for a company that can answer all of your concerns about the custom embroidered patch with pure enthusiasm and with extensive knowledge – well, in other words, you really need Patches4Less.


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The Revamped Big Bertha Driver From Callaway Golf

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Callaway Golf introduces the new and improved Big Bertha that is aimed at a broader range of golfers. If you want a driver that can be tailored fit to deliver the ideal combination of forgiveness and distance, the newest version of the Big Bertha is perfect for you. It now comes in a more sophisticated look and classic shape, with a larger front-to-back dimension and a shallower face.


The new driver has a variety of settings and some have the ability to cancel out each other. As such, it may take some time to find your prime. The engineers gave each part of construction a lot of thought and the end result is a longer, forgiving driver that is surely a big hit.


The Big Bertha driver is available in various weights including 325g, 315g, 305g, and 295g. It has a longer stock shaft (45.5 inches) that can limit face control for some players. It also has an OptiFit hosel, composite crown, Hyper-Speed face and an Adjustable Perimeter Weighting (APW) feature that increases MOI and changes the draw and fade bias.

Advanced Adjustable Hosel

Big Bertha allows golfers to freely adjust the loft/lie angle so as to convert the additional ball speed into greater distance. Players can choose from 4 lofts (ranging from -1 up to +2) to optimize backspin and launch angle, and from 2 lies (indicated by N for Neutral and D for Draw) to optimize directional bias. In combination, these new features offer 8 unique combinations and each can help players improve their dispersion and distance.

The propriety technology of Callaway Golf when it comes to hosel design makes way to the development of the advanced, adjustable hosel that allows modifications in loft or lie without the need to rotate the graphics and shaft on their axis.

Forged Composite

The crown of the new Big Bertha is made of lightweight, high-strength composite material and serves as Callaway’s major competitive advantage. This attribute allows Callaway to provide multiple modes of adjust ability whilst keeping the weight of the head below 200g and of the swing at D2. This ultimately results in an incredibly easy swing.

Hyper-Speed Face

The Hyper-Speed Face technology uses an optimization code that is based on large volumes of impact info to help establish the face’s thickness profile. This leads to an extremely robust and lightweight face that helps increase ball speed when situations call for it. Big Bertha from Callaway Golf is truly the most dependable driver around.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting

This feature allows players to accurately locate an 8-gram sliding weight on a 5-inch track. This helps improve control dispersion and shot shape. The APW placement along the head’s perimeter is crucial in giving the Big Bertha driver its increased MOI, which aids in maintaining ball speed and precision on off-center hits. This is a vital component of a Total Performance Driver.

On Being a Total Performance Driver

The Big Bertha is touted as Callaway’s Total Performance Driver, thus is suitable for a wider range of golfers. Total Performance means that the driver has high moments of inertia and a keen face to maximize distance on off-center hits. It has the forgiveness that most beginners need and the adjust ability that offers advanced golfers more control.


Callaway Golf drivers constructed for this series put an incredible emphasis on performance and forgiveness while providing an advanced adjust ability that helps optimize shot shape and trajectory. All of these give way for more possibilities on the green, which everyone should be excited about.

What the Reviews Have to Say

Since the new Big Bertha was introduced, numerous reviews have come out and virtually all of them have nothing to say but praises. Its key features—distance, accuracy, forgiveness, feel, appearance, and play ability—all fall under the list of advantages almost none under disadvantages.

In a word, Big Bertha of Callaway Golf is one of the highest rated drivers that ever came into existence. It flies straight out and hits the ball right where it is. And, no one needs to have an engineering degree to set the pre-flight instructions. It is incredibly simple and just about any golfer can put it into work.

If you can’t wait to try this “wonder driver,” visit RockBottomGolf today and check out the latest deals.

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Business Benefits Of Motivational-Speaker-Success.Com

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The core of any business is its people. No matter how advanced the system and facilities are in a company or organization, it cannot attain success without its human resources. While technological knowledge and skills are important qualities for employees to be productive, the level of motivation is equally important. Ultimately, employees who are fired up with their work and those who have high drive for achievement will contribute more. This is the reason why we at fully understand why business owners like yourself are always searching for strategies that will motivate and encourage your employees to give their best at work.


There are many books on organizational development and management where you can learn some of the most effective ways to achieve high employee performance. However, most of them focus on incentives and rewards. Top companies will vouch that while the said strategies mean positive results, you can never discount the power of motivational trainings. is banking on the power of different development trainings that increase the level of motivation and performance of people.


Below are some of the business benefits that we at provide our clients because of our excellent training programs and top-notch motivational speaker:


1. Increased creativity


Your business can only grow and develop for as long as you are able to innovate and be creative. At this day and age, it is impossible to avoid competition. The only way to flourish is to be ahead of the pack; otherwise, you will be left stagnant in the industry. Sadly, there are times when even the most gifted and creative individuals find themselves having a “dry spell”. When this happens, particularly to your top employees, it can greatly affect the morale of the entire organization. Fortunately, our motivational trainings can significantly start the flow of creative juices once again with the help of well thought-of trainings and our experienced speaker.


2. Provision of needed push


There are times when employees become too comfortable to the point that they are already being complacent. Obviously, if the level of motivation and achievement of employees fall, it can have detrimental effects to the entire well-being of the organization. A motivational seminar or session conducted by a powerful and engaging speaker can always do the trick. We at have built a reputation in empowering and pushing employees to always have a winning attitude and fresh insight to keep them going.


3. Increased level of enthusiasm


Employees who are enthusiastic with what they do are always willing to go the extra mile. They have high level of endurance and will not stop unless they achieved their goal. Moreover, they are, more often than not, internally motivated, which means they try to be the best for the sheer pleasure of doing so, not necessarily because of any monetary benefits that come with it. Organizations with enthusiastic people are most likely to have higher productivity, which can translate to bigger profits. Boosting employee morale is something that we have been doing for years through our effective talks and trainings. Our clients’ testimonies can attest to all these.


4. Improved productivity


There are times when a company experiences loss in profit due to decrease in productivity. Sometimes it is difficult to explain especially when employees are always present and the sales team is always meeting clients yet sales exhibit a downward trend. The most logical explanation is that people are burned out and motivation is low. To address this kind of situation, our clients have always relied on our ability to encourage their employees and provide refreshing insights on how to be most productive given existing limitations. Based on our experience, a new perspective from an outsider, which is imparted through a humorous and effective talk always produces good results.

Motivational speaker

The business benefits given above are just some of the results of our motivational trainings given to our clients. We at believe that not all organizational trainings are equal. While excellent modules can produce good outcomes, the same is still on paper, thus, not guaranteed. The effectiveness of motivational talks is largely dependent on the speaker. A good speaker can draw out the best in the module and make the audience engaged and committed; needless to say, we value both.

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How to Find Your Ideal Article Writer in a Haystack

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The arrival of the World Wide Web generated another money making venture for writing enthusiasts. Hence, the birth of the online article writer whose job is to create effective online content.

Writing for the web requires significant proficiency of written English communication. However, it does not end there as an article writer should also know how to implement SEO techniques. The perfect blend of these skills will, to a certain extent, help generate qualified traffic to a website.

Where to Find Article Writers

Skilled articleIf you are one of the few who can write, then consider yourself lucky. You have the uncanny ability to create your own content. Unfortunately writing does not come easy for others so it is necessary to hire article writers for the task.More often than not, you can find an article writer looking for work through any of the online job portals. Typically, they advertise their skills in the hopes of securing a job, freelance or permanent.

In most cases, the job ad would include samples of their writing as a way to promote their skills. This is an advantage for you as an employer as you can easily screen potential candidates on the spot.

Once you have sifted through the lot and found a couple of interesting candidates, the real test begins. It is likely that you want an article writer who can work with you for the long term. This is the best time to sort out the best from the rest.

Sifting Through the Sea Of Article Writers

Admittedly, anyone can put pen to paper. Many have undoubtedly written thousands of essays all throughout their academic life.  But, writing for the web means playing by a different set of rules.

Structurally speaking, a 500-word article intended for the web should catch the reader’s attention in less than a minute. This does not offer much room for fancy writing.

The nature of most online readers is fickle to say the least. If you cannot capture their attention in a few seconds of skimming, then you can kiss them goodbye forever.

Sifting through the sea of article writers can turn into a cat and mouse game if you are not careful. It is best to keep the following criteria in mind as you evaluate potential candidates.

  • Connects the dots

The theory behind the childhood game of connect the dots relates quite well to writing. In essence, the dots are pieces of information that when sewn together weaves an interesting story. Skilled article writers who possess this ability are worth having on your team.

  • Clearly express their thoughts into writing

A topic can give rise to countless ideas that using the right words to express a unified thought becomes challenging. A skilled writer is able to express their thoughts clearly in writing. The outcome is a carefully considered and planned article that holds the attention of a reader.

  • Attention to detail

A writer who is attentive to details can provide your readers with more answers than questions. In doing so, you can expect qualified traffic who can expect solutions provided by your content.

  • Vivid imagination

Too much details can be boring and will likely distance readers from your website. An article writer who possesses a vivid imagination has the ability to inject a fresh perspective to any topic. In doing so, they are able to engage the imagination of readers as well.

  • Discipline

Given the nature of their profession, a number of article writers may test your patience as an employer. Since most work on a freelance basis, reliability with regards to submitting on time is not guaranteed. Hence, when hiring article writers it is best to set some ground rule with regards to punctuality.

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